2014 Santa Fe Pride will now be on the PLAZA!

Saturday June 28 2014

Come and celebrate with Santa Fe's LGBT community in its annual celebration of LGBT pride!

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Congratulations on the election of Mayor Javier Gonzales!

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Who We are

The Mission of the Human Rights Alliance is to educate, engage, encourage and celebrate LGBT inclusion, pride and acceptance for all people.

The Human Rights Alliance was Founded in 1993 in response to the defeat of Senate Bill 91, civil rights legislation for lesbians and gay men. Rallying around the enthusiasm of our grassroots crusade, local activists joined together to create this non-profit organization whose primary goal was to end discrimination of all kinds. The Alliance seeks to build coalitions with groups who will work for the civil rights of all New Mexicans.

Current Goals

EQNM Frustrated by No Opinion from AG, Believes Issue Must Be Decided in Courts


June 6, 2013

CONTACT: Amber Royster
(505) 224-2766 or amber@eqnm.org

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Attorney General King said that after extensive research he has concluded that his office cannot definitively state that New Mexico law currently permits marriage for same-gender couples. He also said that the practice of excluding same-gender couples from marriage in New Mexico is vulnerable to challenge under the equal protection guarantees of the federal and state constitutions.

"Despite Attorney General King’s refusal to take a definitive stand on the gender neutrality of New Mexico’s marriage laws,” said Equality New Mexico (EQNM) Executive Director Amber Royster, "EQNM still believes that our Constitution already affirms our commitment as New Mexicans to treating others with the same respect, dignity and fairness with which we wish to be treated. No one should be told they can’t marry the person they love."

Though expressing personal support for the freedom to marry, Attorney General King maintains that it is a constitutional issue, and therefore the courts are the proper fora for this issue to be decided. In March this year, the ACLU of New Mexico and its legal partners filed a lawsuit asking New Mexico state courts to recognize that the freedom to marry is a protected constitutional right in New Mexico. As a companion effort to the lawsuit, EQNM and ACLU-NM are partnered in the Why Marriage Matters New Mexico public education campaign to increase support for the freedom to marry in New Mexico.

Said EQNM Executive Director Amber Royster: "Full recognition of LGBT relationships cannot be a piecemeal, county-by-county debate—our acceptance and recognition as valued members of all New Mexican communities must be realized in every corner of our Land of Enchantment. We call upon the courts to ensure, once and for all, that every LGBT New Mexican will be free to marry the person they love, regardless of gender. Equality New Mexico will not rest until every loving couple in New Mexico has a chance to stand up and make a public vow of love and commitment, before their family and community."

Want to get involved?

The Santa Fe HRA is an organization built by and supported by volunteers in the community. We're always looking for volunteers to help out at various events sponsored by the HRA throughout the year. The flagship event, the Santa Fe Pride Festival, needs volunteers to help with the parade and entertainment venue. Contact the HRA office at sfhra09@gmail.com or the HRA President to learn how to get involved!